Our Credentials

Final Approach partners with some of the greatest professionals in the industry... from our education & training -- to our computer systems -- to the brands we represent!

We are honored to be:

  • Skills Validated (SV) Certified Detailer (CD) Members of International Detailing Association

  • Members of Detailing Network/The Detail Mafia & Alumni of Detailing Success Training

  • Certified with the myCARFAX Service Network - reporting favorable vehicle maintenance records!

  • Certified Surface Specialists & Authorized TRINITY Installers with SB3 Coatings - www.sb3coatings.com

  • Certified Installers of P&S Ceramic Coatings (Inspiration & Legend) - www.inspirationcoating.com

  • Authorized Installer of GlassParency - www.glassparency.com

  • Certifications Technicians in the following areas:

    • Detailing Business Certification

    • Professional Detailing Technician

    • Headlight Restoration

    • Double Black Renny Doyle Collection

    • FLEX Tools

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Meet Our Family

When you support Final Approach you are supporting our family's dream, health, community & so much more!

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Jessica Rook - BS, CD-SV

Owner / CEO

Jessica has a strong background in business management both personally and professionally! Jessica can be seen both on the job completing details alongside Travis and behind the scenes - scheduling your service, managing the service system, completing the accounting, ordering supplies and maintaining Final Approach's media presence.

Jessica has the professional experience as a small business owner and business leader - but also has a passion for the auto industry! Growing up a mechanic's daughter, at only 7 years old, Jessica rebuilt her first engine for a 1967 Camaro. That Camaro and many other show vehicles introduced Jessica to the world of car shows. This is where Jessica first found a love for mini-trucks. Later, Jessica bought her first mini truck at age 12 - and continued owning them until 2013 - parked right underneath the plane in our hanger at the airport! Jessica won many awards at car shows over the years and enjoyed her time serving area car clubs.

Though her vehicles look a little different these days and are much more appropriate for family use - Jessica still enjoys a nice, clean vehicle and looking sharp while driving! She is always very eager to try out a new product or service on her car before we add it to our service menu - she also happens to love a good deal!

Travis Rook - MBA, CD-SV, ACE

Co-Owner / Aviation Specialist

Travis has carried many titles over the years - including pilot, retail manager, plane owner, business owner, husband, father - and our favorite SURVIVOR! Travis has experienced more in his life than most ever will - including battling cancer not once, but twice - with the odds against him every time. Travis has a unique passion for life after all he has experienced! We are happy to report that Travis' cancer is not active - but because of the type of cancer and its long term effects, it is best for Travis to be in a role that is flexible, accommodating and requires minimal exposure to risk. From this, we decided to reflect on what we know & love and pursue it passionately -- launching Final Approach Detailing!

Travis has an MBA and Bachelor's Degree in Aviation Administration. Travis became a pilot in 2007 and began purchasing single engine aircraft in 2009 with Jessica. Together they began a business offering aircraft leaseback and rental through a flight training school in Kalamazoo, MI. After the dissolution of the flight school and business, Travis had plenty of time to turn his hobby into a craft and became passionate about keeping his aircraft expertly maintained.

Travis enjoys spending time looking into the best products, procedures and techniques to offer you professional quality and cost effective ways to protect, maintain and repair your vehicle of choice!


Emmalee Rook

Media Editing Assistant

We couldn't list our team without showcasing our bonus team member and official media editing assistant! Meet our daughter, Emmalee. Emmalee has a passion for editing videos and photography, which comes in handy for our business. Many of the videos and advertisements you see on our social media pages have been artfully crafted by our creative tween!

When she is not assisting with editing, she can often be found refilling our water bottles, grabbing us a snack - and of course Netflix & chilling... ;)